Dearest loved one please don't grieve

for you know I had to leave

for you knew that my work on earth was done

I'd been sick here for so long

when God's angels called me home

and I know now that I'm back where I belong

You know my eyes had lost their light

for they had no future sight

and the days were long and dreary in that bed

but every thing turned out all right

for the Sonshine keeps it bright

and I'm waltzing with the angels here tonight

You know my face had lost it's smile

and it had been that way awhile

and I knew that life on earth was not worth living

and I was frail and I was tired

when I came home to live with God

where there would be no more of tears

and He would wipe away all fears

Where there wouldn't be the pain

no more sorrow, no more strain

now I'm happy in my Jesus' loving arms

oh you know I've not forgot

And your still special in my heart

and you know that I'm not really out of touch

for I think of you each day

in that special kind of way

and you know that I love you just as much

But in Heaven now I'll stay

now the earth seems so very far away

here there is no fear or fright

and everything is peace and light

and every thing will be alright

for I'm waltzing with the angels here tonight

You know we talked about these things

and when I heard the angel sing

I knew that they had come for me at last

and I was ready for to go

and I had told all my friends so

as they held my hands in such a tender grasp

and as they said their last sweet prayer

I was nearly half way there

and then I left that world so far behind

where I had always been so blind

and where aweful sin had been my plight

Oh, but it's joyous here alright

for the Sonshine keeps it bright

and I'm waltzing with the angels here tonight

Now at you I'm looking down

won't you please wipe away that frown

for theres nothing here but joy in every way

and the time will come some day

when you'll be with me here to stay

and we'll wear our special robes and golden crowns

There'll be shouts of hope up here above

and we'll be singing like the dove

as we're surrounded by God's love

where the sun, moon and stars rejoice

and it wont be very long

and you'll be here where you belong

where all God's people all sing sweetly in one voice

and where you'll learn about God's might

in this beauty and this quiet

where everything will always be alright

and where you'll hear such sweet refrains

when God's holy choir sings

and we'll be waltzing with the angels every night







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Amazing, really lovely poem