I'm having trouble with my eyes

I'm blind as I can be

I'm having lots of problems now

there's not much that I can see

 I don't know what the trouble is

I just don't know what's wrong

cause I never feel quite happy

and I feel I don't belong

I never did a thing that's wrong

I never hurt a soul

I always treat my neighbors right

I'm never mean or cold

I hardly ever go to church

I just don't need that kind of stuff

I do real good for when I go

I put a quarter in the plate

I think that's quite enough

I know God lives a way up there

but what's He ever done for me

and I say, if He ever did it

then I've been to blind to see

I once told a little lie

but it never hurt a soul

the vial of perfume that I took

no one knew I stole

There was once a ragged man came by

wanting food to eat

I put him off the porch real fast

and sent him down the street

I don't have time for silly things

I have important things to do

and he can go next door and beg

for a bowl or soup or two

I never bother any one

even when their sick of dizzy

I don't take them food or help them clean

I'm really quite too busy

I had a rummage sale last week

with pretty things to buy

no one came near and no one looked

they just walked right on by

I don't know why no one stopped by

I feel so hurt and sad

so I said a litte prayer just now

because I feel so bad

and then it seemed I heard a voice

that came from out the sky

the trouble's not with folks near by

the troubles been with ' I '

so I've been selfish and unkind

and now I'm really going to try

to do much better with my friend's

and get rid of this big ' I'

So today I met my neighbor

and I envited her to tea

we laughed and talked 'bout lot's of things

and shared a recipe

so then I said a bigger prayer

and ask Him to forgive

so I can feel the love of God

and start to really live

and now I feel so happy

and my heart is on a high

for now I think of other folks

and got rid of selfish " I "

I've had some trouble with my "I'S

for I just could not see

and I still need a lot of prayers

from down here on my knee's







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bishu's picture

Hmmm ..... Me am stone blind me gropes like blind mice

Hmmm ..... Me am stone blind me gropes like blind mice.No "eyes" Dont ya worry SM Gawd loves all or I or whatever. Juss keep faith.God bless.