There's butterflies in my backyard

out in the garden plot

with red and blue and yellow wings

and one with big black spots


They dart and flit from flower to flower

as light as evening air

they make me wish that I could fly

so elegant and fair


Today one is upon my arm

with transparent wings of gold

with antenna's gently quivering

oh such a brave and lovely soul


Sometimes I wish that I was one

a butterfly so free

and drink nector from each lovely flower

for all the world so see


Just now I saw a butterfly

out on a mossy glade

the silver in his wings gleamed bright

a gift that God had made

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I also like butterflies, they are so beautiful yet delicate, like people, yet we tend to value them more than we value people, thanks for the share


the second last line the word him is missing an 'i' I think

Much Love