He was just an old Texas lawman

way down on the Reo Grand

he was ornery and cussed and was rough as a cob

but he always got his man


He would ride out in them wild Texas bad lands

and the notches on his gun brought him fame

for he'd bring them in, dead or alove

and Old Texas Joe was his name


Early some mornings at day break

he'd go a huntin' that mean Sidell gang

and he'd look for them up and down all the trails

over mountains and through desert sand


His favorite horse was old Scooter

he was long legged and spotted and lean

and if his stall wasn't clean and his food wasn't out

he'd get get down right ornery and mean


Then one day the outlaws came riding at dawn

came ridin' boldly thru town

they came to rob the Wells Fargo stage

and they shot old Texas Joe down


But old Texas Joe was no goner

and he reared up from where he had fell

and it made him so mad, that with all that he had

he let out a big rebel yell


Now all of the posse came a running

and they cornered that whole Sidell gang

and not a shot was fired for it was good men he had hired

and they handcuffed them all hand to hand


Then they gave old Joe a snort of whiskey

and they yanked out the bullet in his side

so now he feels good and it's understood

that pretty soon he'll be ready to ride


Now Texas Joe still rides his old horse

with that silver badge pinned to his vest

and when people talk about how brave he has been

he just stands up and puffs out his chest



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darkpool's picture

I'm going to enjoy reading

I'm going to enjoy reading your stories, sunmaiden.

Sunmaiden's picture

Thank you Darkpool, for your

Thank you Darkpool, for your kind words Most all of my poems are stories,  in my home town I am called the story teller

Blessings to you


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I love your stories,

I love your stories, sunmaiden. They are always such a treat. Enjoyed this ride. :)

Copyright © morningglory

Sunmaiden's picture

Thank you for the kind

Thank you for the kind words.  A lot of my poems are stories, I am called The Story Teller around my home town  I love your poems also and you have so many many of them.