My Daddy was a cowman

from the year of twenty four

and he rode those  old sand hills

 for fifty years or more

he could tell you tales of laughter

he could tell you tales so sad

he could tell you tales of round up time

when old ornery bulls went bad

his old cow dog was Sandy

she was just a plain old hound

but Daddy said she was the best

she could run them big cows down

His best cow horse was Dexter

for he knew just what to do

just a little touch upon the reins

and he would bring those cattle through

Daddy had a big old leather cow whip

that he kept right by his side

you don't hit the cattle with it

but you take it with you when you ride

One crack, said, 'come on boys'

let's stop awhile and eat

and set a spell beneath these trees

and get out of this heat

two cracks said, Hay, we found them

way down here in the woods

three cracks meant something very sad

come and help us if you could

three cracks meant an accident

a cowman hurt real bad

the branding iron always stayed hot

upon the open fire

the marking shears were always there

and a large supply of plyers

and after all the cows were branded

they took another little trip

they waded through the old stone vat's

this was called the cattle dip

they don't have open range no more

that's when these cows were all done

that's when the cowmen all got up at four AM 

and rode from sun to sun

There was nothing better, my Daddy said

than a cowman in the woods

and coffee strong enough to melt the cup

andd drink it if you could

and for dinner there would always be

a pot of good swamp cabbage

a skillet full of pork and old field peas

for every one to ravage

then after they had rested some

they'ed drive those cows back home

tired, happy and satisfied

a good days work well done





Author's Notes/Comments: 

The cowmen never hit a cow with a cow whip, it was used as a means of comuniocation.  In Florida there were no cowboys, they were cowmen, for it takes a man to get the job done, not a boy This is where also, the word cracker came from, as in Florida cracker.

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sweetwater's picture

How do you do this..... write

How do you do this..... write such a fascinating story, but woven into poetry so skillfully - and so frequently. Where do you manage to find so much to tell us, your poor brain must be bursting with words still to be used!! :-) X