Today while strolling down the road

I spied a warty, green and ugly toad

he said, pick me up and kiss me dear

and a handsome prince will then appear

Well, I couldn't touch that horrid thing

no matter what a kiss would bring

then I saw him grin and wink

and so I started into think

What if I kissed that old green thing

and what if just one kiss would bring

a handsome prince into my life

and would I be his princess wife

then I picked  it up and kissed that toad

then flung him down into the road

he landed hard upon his head

and when I looked, I thought him dead

so I stood waiting for my prince

but there was no one, not one small hint

and I stood there upon that foggy day

and no one even come my way

then that frog opened up his eye

and I knew that damned thing told a lie

so I squished him there upon the road

that great big ugly lying toad



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hahahaha! Super cute

hahahaha! Super cute fairytale write. Where's my prince!?!

Copyright © morningglory

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The Toad

Thank you for your kind words.  I have kissed a few toads in my life, and I've never found my prince either ha ha :)