It was there in the low green meadow

they were growing and smelling so sweet

for the slender white lillies are blooming

surrounding my wandering feet


Once again I have come here  to linger

to remember and on past things to dwell

and to think of the sweetheart that I once had

that I loved and cherished so well


T'was a summer day so long ago and happy

and arm and arm we would silently walk

down the trail of the glistening white lillies

and there we would repose and we'd talk


There we'd plan for our wonderful future

for we knew it would be wonderously great

and because we loved each other so fondly

we just couldn't seem to wait


But a cold wind came blowing one morning

and it went to his house to call

and it took away my sweet  darling

one drear hour. one cold day in fall


Now my poor heart has been terribly lonely

it's been tortured and been put to the test

for he left me in sadness and so lonely

this sweetheart that I loved the best


We laid him down there in the valley

where the beautiful white lillies grow

and where the butterflies still flit and still  linger

and a small stream doth wonderingly flow


And it's here that I come to be near him

it's here that I linger and dwell

for I still hear his voice in the silence

the voice that I loved so well


He tells me that he loves me and is waiting

and if once more I sometime  will go

he'll met me here in the valley

where the beautiful white lillies all grow


And I'm here and my heart, it is pounding

and I'll sit here so quiet and just wait

for I know that my love will be coming

and we'll be happy once again, for it's fate








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Beautifully heartbreaking. I

Beautifully heartbreaking. I like the way you write, Sunmaiden.

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