Mind Games

Why do i feel you are attaking me.

I am ransacking my mind to find out,

What the hell have i done to deserve this manipulitive treatment.

I just cant put my finger on it but it is there.

Other people are speaking you'r words.

They are speaking a foriegn language to me.

Very deceptive you are.

You are so pleasant to me when we are alone but when other people are around i am getting these strange vibes .

I just cant understand you'r lies.

What the hell was that about at the review

You spoke bullshit and you knew i knew.

and i just sat there and let you.

You are giving this new lady my workload

Her name is on everthing you do and say, and hay

before you jump to conclusions she is great,

But you are undermining me and i cant seem to fight back.

It's the way you are manipulating this attack.

Yes i am hurt but not for the reasons you want me to be.

I thought without speaking we both understood.

You are married and have a young family and so do i, and to loose that i would rather die.

I have tried to be you'r friend.

You'r bitterness does it ever end?

You are in a position of power and you are using it at length

I want to say this to you but i dont have the strength.

Thank god i am on holiday next week. I may regain my sanity

Leave you with the kinda chicks that like to stroke you'r vanity.

You are so shallow i am finding this out.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

speaks for itself

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