Bettys Letter

Betty's Letter

Pain has been my companion for over 20 years.

How many times in hopelessness I shed my secret tears.

Was there no way to help me, no one to come to my aid.

How many nights of sleeplessness, this well worn payer I made.

Then came the day some months past now.

When Doctors told me when and how.

There was a great risk I well was told.

But still to me worth more than gold.

Id take this chance I knew I must ,and prove my faith.

In him give trust.

As he has always walked beside me.

Blessed me in many ways.

I had to believe he would guide the hand,

on the most fearfull

of my days.

And with my lord beside me.

I gave myself in care.

To the brightest of his subjects, the Doctors and nurses were there.

How wonderfull the skills of them, that they could take apart, and replace the damaged valve in my bruised and aching heart.

To the great team of men and women.

My deepest heartfelt thanks are given.

Now they have moved me to ward eight.

I am finding my new life just great.

With plenty of time to let my thoughts dwell.

On these wonderfull ladies who serve us so well.

These nurses who do more than there duties call.

Such care and devotion they give to us all.

Could I just say the words I feel in my heart.

To each and every person who played their special part.

Before I leave I must take this chance to everyone at mearnskirk, my very deepest thanks.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written by my aunt Betty just after a major heart operation.
My mother found it in her belonings from the hospital.
She died with an infection a few days after writing this. This is the only copy.

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