Save the World

Save the World

By JFarrell


Why recycle your bottles and cans?

That plane that just went by overhead

Just cancelled out a year’s worth,

Ten year’s worth of your recycling?

We’ll blame China,

Point the finger at their industrial pollution

While building a new runway at Heathrow.

And then we’ll fine you,

If you don’t recycle your waste.


They ask you to donate;

Save the whale; tiger; elephant; bear; seal.

Why are elephants endangered?

Coz rich men want the ivory

Why is the seal endangered?

Coz men, dressed in furs, club them to death.


We can only save the world together.

All of man- and womankind working together

Sharing the world together

Living together.

You can raise all the money you want to save the tiger;

You can recycle all the bottles you want

Aint gonna change a thing.

The World and everyone in it

Needs to change.


An idiot can see that!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

save the world or burn it :-) i'll bring the matches