One: Heavens
The heavens I pray to are now draining of their glorious colours.
The washed out colours rain down me to drown the sins within me.


Two: Soul
The ravenous flames of inward hatred have bleached my soul of its blackened purity.
The life I had lived is at Lady Death's feet, and the rebirth child is within her embrace.
She spoons me closer to her bare breasts where I suckle new into my corrupted soul.


Three: Fire
The black flames like licking my impurity flesh.
The sins I sweat fuel the fire, burning all within its mouth.
Making bellowing clouds of ash to coat me and itself into the paleness of lost souls.


Four: Person of War
Birthed from battle,
Cried from clanging metal,
Boy of pale-gray ash colour,
With eyes fiery than the flamed arrows,
A being of a ravenous war wulf in search of peace for the immortal turmoil within.


Five: Eyes
All I see is blood and it burns me white of tomorrow's ashes.
All I see is white, and in my blindness I am humble.

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