he was the world

He was just a typical guy

And she was just another girl

But when she looked at him

He was everything in her world

They had something special

Something shed always love

Even though it didnt work

He is all she thinks of

There wasnt enough time

For them to spare

But she still fell in love

A love so pure and real

Everything that they had

She still cant let go

Even though he forgot

And even though hell never know

The way she really felt

When she was in his arms

When she went on tiptoe for a kiss

The way she loved his smile and charm

Hell never know how she felt

Because she was just another girl

He was just a typical guy

But to her, he was the world

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Diane Rahm's picture

you dont know that this is the last poem... you guys might end up falling deeply in love, getting married, and having like a million kids, and then you might want to write a poem or two about him. =)