Trip Across the Nile : تَهَجُّـد هاشم الفاتح

She was picture perfect

The girl of his dream

She was sweet and intelligent

She was a beauty queen

She was the most wonderful girl

His eyes had ever seen

The soft touch of her hand

Pulled the strings of his heart

And made a soft music

That made his life restart

But the music was slowly fading

Since now the are apart

His nights were sad and empty

And so were his lonely days

They had to be together

But there weren't so many ways

To get them back together

And each other they'd gaze

He finally found a way

To get across the Nile

His friend had came to pack him

He labeled his box "fragile"

He will be crossing tonight

The deep an dark Blue Nile

His queen received the box

And took it to her tower

But why it can't be opened?

She tried to for an hour

And he inside was soundless

Waiting, holding a flower

She then got tired of trying

She had long struggled and fought

She brought a sword and cut down

Through the box down to his heart

The box was finally open

But the music forever stopped

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sanctus's picture

Extremely touching and

Extremely touching and thought provoking poem