Keep Alive! : تَهَجُّـد هاشم الفاتح

I built my nets across the ocean

I made my home rest far from here

I had a word I made a notion

That to my heart my home is near

This life I have, so strange I feel

I'll lose these nests, so much I fear

Day by day I try to deal

With differences, with shifts in gear

Day by day I try to live...

Normally. Still they see it clear

I try too hard when I'm to give...

My all. My actions say I'm not as mere

I'm going home that's why I cope

With all of this. The end is near!

Day by day I live with hope...

Kept so alive. Heart truly sincere

I pray to God to take me home

To be so blessed. To drop no tear

I, in this world can feel alone

I miss my home. When will you hear?

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