Down on Boylston

It's raw down on Boylston

Leaves flutter to the ground

Mist clings to the window

Boards creek from behind

She stands in the doorway

Her hair longer than before

As she flips it to the side

And i feel it coming back

Her eyes meet mine

And ask me to come over

I thought how'd i end up here

My fingers in her belt loops


Names and incidents

Some she calls accidents

My being here isn't one

She doesn't stop smiling

What's left, what's real

And what's realistic

My mind's back on the run

And she doesn't stop smiling

200 miles away

One's ugly desperation

And another's wild jade

But i'm deaf to it now

No predictions or promises

There is only this

Forehead bows to forehead

No thoughts can cloud a dream

Innocent and unsure

But i am strangely calm

The past has shrouded now

And there's rain on Boylston


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