You Should've Heard Her the Other Night

You should've heard her the other night

The words, the venom

Dripped from tighened denim

His response was so over the top

Like a syllable in a china shop

She threw her keys at him

He threw his tact to the wind

And when it ended

Tears expended

Fears suspended

You should've heard her the other night

He twisted a pen between his fingers

She counted the lines on her hands

And then she said, to which he stated

So she yelled, so he berated

Diction gone haywire

Phrases stuck like highlighter

Verbal backwash taste like sickly mixes

Poetry penned by triple sixes

Hard to divide villians from heroes

Demonic caesars from the holy Neros

Her slang was vulgar, his eyes pierced her heart

Harsh truths building bridges from canyons apart

But when he spoke, well she admitted

Caused him to wager, facts omitted

Author's Notes/Comments: 

work in progress

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Jonathan George's picture

This is rather spooky... Gives me chills... I can't help but think he killed her. That's the notion I got, anyways. Either way, I loved it. Definitely something I could find myself reading often...

One thing... Third line... Is it "tightened"? Forgot a "t" if it is... Hehe.

Enjoyed it. Lookin' forward to reading more works.