I Want a Kiera

I want a Kiera, I don't know any

Large deep eyes, a dancer's body

A wide array of interests and smarts

Relaxed in public but privately sparks

I want no actress, desire no games

Caring, selfless, and loyal I claim

Are traits I'd really like to see

Status and titles are trite to me

Introspective and mature, open to the last

Doesn't worry about the future, learns from the past

Quite simply, I desire a Kiera

A fun and intimate girl

But as far as I can tell

Amys and Janes fill my world

Author's Notes/Comments: 

note - i don't know any kieras for real, but its my favorite name for a girl

amy and jane just refers to typical girls names, no one in particular.

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Kiera Korus's picture

My name is Kiera :) I smiled when I saw somebody wrote a poem like that. I'm not sure how you'd pronounce it, but yes, I am a Kiera.