Pennies in the Fountain


I wish my words were lightning bolts

Striking ears at random times

I wish your lips were apple cinnamon

So i'd have a reason to kiss them

I'll speak in riddles on a ritalin buzz

To dissolve to sybaratic fuzz

It's gone before you can blink

Now only God can pull you back from the brink

I could be your Jewish Elvis

In the mood for Jailhouse Talmud

I wil ltake you on a neophyte flight

As long as we leave here tonight

I kinda want to be left in the desert

Bread and water, the wetter the better

Diamondbacks die before they get back

They carry the wounded, they pick up the slack

So how can you be sure about

A wishing well of doubt

One path that's certain to drive

Flirt with lemons and stay alive

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