I See You


I see you're nodding your head now

So you're liking my song now?

Does that mean we connect

Or just pretend to respect

That's a joke I'm in on too

I see you showing some skin now

You're beckoning to me now

Your place or mine

Whatever its fine

As long as i wake up next to you


Don't wait up for me

You'll end up feeling foolishly

Heed my advisory warning

That when you wake in the morning

Lock your heart and swallow the key

I see you're thinkin I'm sweet now

Does this make us soulmates now?

So i'm "charming" and "funny"

Don't get your hopes up honey

Chances on this are few


I see you feel surprised now

Didn't think it would end now

We'll be forever and ever

Starting at never

You don't have a fucking clue


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Athalia Lystra's picture

Bluntly honest...just the way i like 'em.
I wish i could count the times i saw this scenario play itself out infront of my eyes, be it my friends, peers, or merely me.
When you mention the fascination and humor people pretend to 'like' i know what you mean.
You're right, some of us don't have a clue!

BeckSter Zeits's picture

good song