The Fifth Angel


The first angel was an abused princess

With her self image swallowing

WIth her ceberal hollowings

And i gave myself to her

The first angel was a fresh start girl

A scab of despiration

Picked by a stalking sensation

And then i threw her away

The second angel was sweet and sour

She was manic but loving

She was girly yet shoving

And i gave myself to her

The second angel was held on high

She received sonnets and pedals

Then discarded disheveled

Because I just threw her away

The third angel was a diva with a heart

See her beauty astounding

See her warmth surrounding

And i gave myself to her

The third angel was love unrestrained

She had the sass and the trust

Til I left her in the dust

Second guessed when i threw her away

The fourth angel was a numbing drug

Never everything saying

Always smoke screens displaying

The fouth angel was my bad karma

Perfection at face

Became a tumor with grace

Smile now, she threw me away


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Athalia Lystra's picture

What a lovely idea...and rundown list. Very clever. i enjoyed it immensely, this is a real beauty. The last comment stuck with me and i had to smile (i am sorry) but what goes around comes around. ;)