History Is Written By The Winners

Well my woman kicked me to the curb

She was wrong, but from what i've heard

It was wall my fault, don't matter what i say

No one'll listen to me anyway


Don't matter if your a saint or a sinner

All i know

Is history's written by the winner

She says i'm insensitive, i say she whines

But she did the deed, so word is i'm unkind

I try to explain, but its too late

She said i don't tell the truth so great



The Brits were just fighting for the motherland

I'd rather be a cowboy than an indian

And they love Bill Buckner down in NYC

In '86 he was the Mets MVP

What does that have to do with her and me

Well its up to her since i was cut free


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Otherside of the midnight. Yeah! Cowboys are brave than the coward indians, history written, point of a gun. Might is right percolate in education, knowledge that throw no true light.