just some stupid stream of conscious rhymin'


I'm a war torn lover left with nothin but savvy

And these scabs, they stab me with a handful of lessons

As my heart blisters then peels and falls back into recession

I try to stay unjaded in a world that left hope berated, sedated, sinisterly disinegrated

And its not easy to strike a balance between the flauting of talents and bearing of valience

Don't tell me you weren't creeped by Eddie Vedder's peeps that video "Jeremy" reaps

What the fuck am i saying what words am i displayin, sometimes i'm left like a fish filletin'

Today you were born in the USA but before at your core did you care about your country when Osama wasn't soaring into Trades and the prez was gettin his play

Hey those words are kinda deep, they might have a meanin, but who gives a damn when some girl you be schemin into havin a beer, callin her "dear" "baby" "hun" "why don't you have another one?" Who can philosophize when your learning her bra size, well let me summerize, maybe right now i just feel like talking and figuring, walking and triggering thought provoking, demon evoking questions yes class is in session so if you want me to go and get some tail like a man just released from a jail, wait for another night for me to come around because at the moment my mind's got my dick on lockdown.

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