As I Lost Faith...

Winter 02-03

What happened before we met?

How often were you left empty, upset?

While I wrote lyrics of scathing tone

Did you cry in the dark all alone?

When i was mislead with

Outer beauty and a smile

You sat writing and searching

With tears all the while

And when I tried to scrub off

Her dirty lies in the shower

Did you struggle and watch

Another pedal fall from your flower?

As unrequited love stung

And blurred my sight

You sat 100 feet away

And starred lonely into the night

When December came

And we finally met

Was the paint on your

Latest scar still wet?

Now as I sit finally

Hopeful I made a good choice

And I pray you too sit

Also missing my voice

Within me, I ponder

A question,  I let fester

What happened to you before

We met first semester?

Whether you too feel

What boils deep within

Or write me off as another

Charming male manifestation of sin

I've made a decision

Honest as I've always been

When my past makes you look perfect

I wouldn't hesitate to do it all again


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Lynn Wilson's picture

"I tried to scrub off Her dirty lies in the shower"

that caught me in the stomach, absolutely amazing concept... i love it