Winter 02-03

Feast or famine is always the case

Now forced to decide, one side to erase

One i has been there since the first day

The other just recently graced my way

I'm choking on beauty and drowning in sweet

I want to choose both roads that lay at my feet

I want to choose neither so that only i suffer

They've both had enough, too scorned by the others

So many variables in this confusing equation

Is there anything that can unravel my salvation?

The first one i saw and wanted so bad

But shit came to pass, she was not to be had

And so things went on, and so things grew

And now she finds herself with feelings so new

Only to her, i know how she feels

Tables are turned, so now she appeals

She expects nothing, she deserves it all

It's all up to me, but i don't want this call

Then there's the other, so confused like me

Don't know her so well, but through expressions i see

Hints of a past not missed but still loved

Emotions tossed and jilted, and needlessly shoved

Is it more baggage like the ones i've had before?

Is she ready to move on, does it even matter any more?

What does she want, better yet am i involved?

So many questions like a plague evolve

Do i even matter? Will she just push me away?

Will she risk and open up, i don't blame her either way

I want it all to go away, something to make it right

The only thing i know, i don't regret that night ain't easy, is it alex?

mid-december, 2002

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Neither do I ;-)