Winter 02-03

Silence that should've been a sign to avoid

Instead pulled me in, with my mind it toyed

What was i missing, what was left unseen?

Something biting that bit me, something obscene

You can put up the billboard of the "normal" one

That you're merry and happy, that you have only fun

But with a few hints and an intuitive sense

I've lifted the veil, destroyed the suspense

Replaced again, by mystery and confusion

Where do i fit, was it all just an illusion?

It's not just about me and the riddle i hold

I see now much more, a soul left out in the cold

Staring in the window, hungry for the poisoned meal

That it desperately wants, to eat, devour and feel

My place still unclear, do i answer or replace

The thing that leaves you with such a sour taste

So sour that you now muzzle your past

Destroy then, cover now, and try to run fast

But pain can only lose a race one way

When instead of running in one spot you stay

And stare it down and take its trauma

And finally kill all the misery and drama

Perhaps im the remedy, or im nothing at all

But a short stop, a brief smile to recall

And you may never know through the beers and the mixers

That i may have been one of the curing elixirs


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Wow- this is definately my favorite one