Define Risk

Tick follows tock, so sick of this clock

Wish i could just throw it all away

And start anew, and do what i feel

It might be you, I can't conceal

Much longer, tears apart inside

Such hope, and again my nerves collide

Can't risk it now, no not again

Too vulnerable myself i lend

So sweet and divine

Wild innocence, what a find

But the path that has been laid before

Shut and padlocked every door

And i can't bring myself to say

Maybe im falling for this trick again

I'm torn, im ripped, im worn, double dipped

In the madness thats around me

In the sadness thats that could be

If my choice should falter

Should not have tried and call her

Missed my chance

Should have made the advance

I can feel failure creeping in

Wish i had left it at "what could've been"

Try to go with the ocean flow

And grab what looks within reach

But remember that before its goal

Every wave crashes on the beach


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Jenny Pearson's picture

I like this, Alex. It's awesome! Keep more like this comin', man. I like, I like!!