Between the Lines

The truth lies somewhere in between

With a grain of salt if you know what i mean

Face value can be worth nothing at all

Or it can be a truth ten feet tall

Some look inside and are black as coal

Others just need to refine their soul

I know who I am and what i'm gonna choose

Everything else i seem to confuse


I say, read between the lines

Expect to be surprised at what you find

And I say, let that problem on your mind cook

There's nothing there if you don't look

I can't help but fluctuate

A taste i cannot satiate

What does the man with the answers do

When the questions have blocked his view?

To have mirth and play with a flavor

Or sit cooly and hope you can savor

Someday the drink of which you crave

The streets of my mind these questions pave

chorus x2


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Jenny Pearson's picture

I like this. Really. It's great. "The truth lies somewhere in between/ With a grain of salt, if you know what I mean" I like that part, because it's so true. That stands out. It's really cool, Alex. (Either that or I'm just biased because it's a song. :p)