Mombi's Heads

The plan:

Abandon this wreck

With reckless abandon

Strut into the middle school dance

Like a man

Ready to dismantle

Two week's relations


But she was crying

Instead, instinct said to comfort

Try a kiss on the cheek

From this the crying subsided

Succumbed, life provided

By a bowl-cutted geek

I was toast



The moment I caught her eyes

Lightened by my kindness

A mate cremated

And placed in an urn on a shelf

Because this burning desire

To retire this tangle 

Fell to the rear view mirror

Nothing more than a coin behind the ear


It didn't last much longer

But long lingered

For years, I'd sing her praises

Then an honest bond, common ground

A phase where phrases

Of romance abated back

Into recesses and dark corners

Of confidants, no want of 

Wanton love from the teenage heart


Then there was lightning

Fingers intertwined, palms pressed

As close as one can be to the abyss

Everything I had wanted at my lips

But I pulled back

Partly noble, partly scared

That we had dared

Look the beast in the face

What if we allowed

The haunted, the bliss, the spirits

To feast and taste

As they wanted?


I would never know. Haunted. 


Then I learned about awkward

Silent talks where nothing is said

Just words like lead and bricks

To stack the parapets

A pair of pets

A dog, dumb and loyal

No more questions for master

And the stubborn cat

Too proud to ask for answers


So that's where we're at

My entry to a world

That sent me many conundrums

Made me regret and blame

For some, I banged drums

For others, gave feathers

And still more, scarlet letters

I wore various crowns

Arthur, Lear, the eighth Henry

Ralph, Aerys, Elvis Presley

More often, felt like the pauper

On top of all this

I can't be sure

I've learned 

Only felt older

After each engagement with

The Corinthian king's boulder 


Ages since the dance

Not sure it ever ended

We should be contented in our keeping

Still don't know why she was weeping


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Morningglory's picture


Took me right back to middle school. 

Read it a couple times. Enjoyed.

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