A Long Beach Sonnet

Mombi's Heads

One day she wrote her name out of cocaine

But then twas sniffed til gone, the truth denied

A shame in vain attempts to turn her sane

"Live life like each day is your last!" she cried


For weeks before, we dreamt we'd found our whole

Passion flared through my bones; my hands ablaze 

But doused by doubts; the insecure poor soul

When we succumb too young, the heart betrays


Occasional flirtatious overtures

Provocative pictures to titilate

Time passed; I learned to dodge all of her lures

Weakness well known, tits I capitulate


Here's a moral if you can't tell: Don't trust

a girl at Houlihan's snorting white dust.

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Beatnik1979's picture

I dig it

Really enjoy the assonance and flow of this.

That, and the bigger picture you’ve painted us.