My Lady

There is a Lady, Lady Death.

In her bosom I long to rest

Beyond the weary rut of life

For who is for these daily fights?

These cheerless days? These dreadful nights?

A bed, now hard, depressing, and cold,

Home to the musings of a lonely soul

Is the path to my Lady's room

An ultimate end, a timeless doom?

But for a relief, my mind's gears grind

Unwittingly, another thought it finds

"Life, the gift God gave to you,

Is there ever reason to not see it through?"

The joys of love, friendship, and laughter

Stories that end in 'Happily Ever After'

The first rain of spring, the first snow of winter

Proudly saying, "I'm so glad I'm with her"

Those words I will say, but not to the living

One lady for me, I go on believing

But 'til my tortured soul can join in her bed

I'll send her the company of scores of dead men

Even though I'm the one that deserves it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Rhodry

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