In Dreams I Walk With You

You know you miss someone

When, every time you sleep apart,

You never fall asleep.

Falling is simple and quick

Lonesome sleep is a long

Drawn out



That only helps because

It's time you don't have to spend awake

Longing and lusting

After your affectionate object trouvee

Mired in dustwallowed daytime

Sometimes said sleep

Is like a race

One step towards seeing them again

More often it is punishment

Phantasms of a warm body pulling

Your heart apart.

And every now and then,

When the mind is at peace

And happy

From word or deed without your presence

Sleep is a piece or bit or bite or slice or glimpse or touch or kiss of heaven

Dreaming of join-ed laughter

Cold nights spent sweating

Or a trillion billion other scenarios

And those are good nights

But they're nothing


To You.

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