Wheat And Wine

They say there are

Fewer ways to keep your lover

Than the fifty ways to leave her

There are days, it's true

When another's kiss seems sweeter

And that's just how it is

But on those days

When temptation is at it's awful best

That's when the rub comes

On those days

When champagne and strawberries

Beg for your lips

There's nothing wrong

With the bread and wine you love

And the right bread and wine

Tickles your tongue crazy

And Dom looks like bog water

And that loaf is so fresh you don't need butter

When you're done you're so full

So satisfied, as always

That you wonder

(But only for a moment)

Why you were tempted at all

Every moment without you

Just like every moment with

Reminds me how I adore you

Constantly and for always

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For the one whose bread and wine I could eat and drink every day for the rest of my life

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