To you

Oh you

The life you could have meant

All fractured dreams you represent

A wisp in the wind

Or even worse

Each and every grin.

I drain the glass

The bottle

The mind.

For how else

Am I to comprehend

This surprise

In passing time?

A blinding left

When soft right

Would have worked.

Akin to the greatest of questions

That hurt the brain

Save that in this instance

The pain spreads.

Your door just will not close.

I cannot

Will not

Quit you, and mostly

Because I absolutely

Do not want to

I want us

To be as forever as

Our promised grace

And, as with all things,

Dino said it best.

Pulse of my heart,

You'll ever be.

What, then, when my pulse

Is removed?

The predictable outcome, of course

My heart


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Maija Elizabeth's picture

Exceptionally well written indeed!