C'mon Soldiers

C'mon Soldiers, it's time to go

Get out of your bunks, don't move too slow

Get your clothes, your rifles, your gear

A few more weeks and we're out of here


C'mon Soldiers, it's time to train

Work hard now, push through the pain

Have some heart, courage is key

Keep on going, soon we'll be free


C'mon Soldiers, gotta eat fast

No time to waste, don't want to be last

They're not the greatest, those MRE's

But soon we'll have burgers with cheese


C'mon Soldiers, stand still in your spot

Ignore the sun, yes I know it's hot

You have to keep going, try not to be beat

Once we're done, we'll be out of this heat


C'mon Soldiers, showers and bed

Get yourselves clean, and rest your head

You've got to be reasted, for tomorrow we rise

And do it again, beneath sunny skies

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one day while I was in Basic training, as a motivational tool to keep going, as well as to pass the time. It illustrates life in BCT, and how we would think to try to keep going and just graduate.

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WOW! this is so great. Your

WOW! this is so great. Your definatly a natural at writing