The Person You Will Never See

Out there you will see me strong

I'll be happy, smiling, carrying on

I'm the bright ray seen all day long

I'll be alive even when you are gone

But when I'm alone I'm no longer free

And I become the person you will never see


Around you I'll be the unbreakable mountain

Untamed like a fierce wolf born in the wild

But like a stone beaten by a fountain

My sharp edges have grown quite mild

I'm the hunted prey that cannot flee

That is the person you will never see


I'll be the great eagle flying high in the sky

Displaying to all my proud perfect form

But inside I am a bird who is beginning to die

Beaten from the wind by a horrible storm

When you aren't around to look at me

Then I am the person you will never see


I've lost my power, my castle, my throne

I am beaten and broken and hurt inside

Like the cold winter I am chilled to the bone

By the cold pain and sorrow I try to hide

Because when you stop looking, that's when I'll be

The person you will never see

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the best by far i have read

the best by far i have read from you! excellent excellent work