This was once a simple walk through the park

We were friends and nothing was difficult

But a twisted plot came to play

And now you are trying to play me in a game of chess

I only want to remain safe and out of a war

As I try to give you space you try to build an army

But what you fail to understand is that you have lost too much

Your reckless strategy has left you almost alone

You have sacrificed your pawns when things were good for you

But when things grew rough, they were all gone

You've alienated your rooks and a knight

Who then came to my side

Your bishops were taken as well

Your queen even fell before your senseless plays

Now you stand as the king, with only your knight to guard you

While I stand here with not a single piece taken

You are bragging now and deluding yourself into thinking you can win

While I try to walk away and leave you alone

You still try to push it, and you try to take my pieces

But I see your moves, I protect my own pieces

As you and your knight attack them

You are gaining nothing, but still trying

Girl, can't you see you are playing with fire here?

You are simply playing in a game you can't win

I am trying to let you walk away

But as you taunt and attack

You make it so much harder to keep stalling

Why don't you understand

I could crush you if I decided to play

This game you are making us all play

All it can do is hurt you and make you fall

All that can happen is I will grow in strength

Please, back up and look at the board

See your only two pieces and understand

I don't want to hurt you, I want to let you go

I want to stand aside and let you leave

I want to help you, protect you

But you are trying so hard to play this game

When you are playing someone much better

I've been playing this game all my life

You can't win, please stop

You are going to play though

Attacking at those I have

I my pieces where they need to be

You are trapped now

Your knight cut off

I am asking you now to stop

To surrender and end this war

To stop me from finishing the game you started

It's your choice now

You can surrender before I call it


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This turned out much longer than I originally planned, but I really like it. I just let it flow, and it sounded great. I know it doesn't rhyme, but I couldn't figure out how to convey my thoughts so well and still rhyme, so I just did away with the rhyme. This is not really about a chess game, but a situation in my life that is easily compared to a chess game, so that's what I went with. Enjoy.

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Morningglory's picture

Dang! Don't know how I'd

Dang! Don't know how I'd missed this one. I was feeling like I was in a chess match for a while. Right about the time you wrote this. Ha!

Copyright © morningglory

twincities's picture

Sometimes even Kings have to

Sometimes even Kings have to cry and lose everything before they realize they are in checkmate. It's your move ;)

Moncies A. Franco

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The king sits with pawn The

The king sits with pawn

The very last one

they say their goodbyes

for they know they are done