Crime Scene


Welcome to the scene of the crime
Where sirens ring and flash all the time
My body is laying still upon the ground
As investigators walk all around

"How'd he die?" asks the one
"Well, he was put out by a gun"
"Who had the sniper's eye,
And why did she want him to die?"

"If only we could make the dead rise
Have them speak so we could see through the lies"
And then I rose, but caused no fear
As I told them both what happened here:

"A woman killed me, a friend indeed
She shot me in my time of need
I needed her help to find the light
But she killed me in the dead of night

When life had gone and made me ill
And love was just a bitter pill
When none was sweet and all was tart
She put a bullet through my heart

I loved her so much in every way
And that love grew day after day
But she pushed away, she forgot me
She gunned me down, and I'll never be free

I fell to a bunch of lies
A horrid twist led to my demise
If I wouldn't have been under this spell
Would I not be forced through this Hell?

Now here I lie at the scene of the crime
Nothing left but a corpse in a chalk outline
Left behind by one I loved a lot
Who fired the gun and left me shot"

I then lay back upon the cold ground
While others made not a single sound
Later they would come to say
Because of her in a grave I lay

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I thought this seemed like a creative way to express my feelings, and I wanted to try my first poem that was in the form of a story. I hope that you all enjoy this!

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thanks I enjoyed the read hope

thanks I enjoyed the read hope you enjoy the song! ;) 

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Thank You!

Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it. And this song is really good! Thanks for putting it here. I've actually listened to it several times now!

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