Friend Zoned

I make you laugh until you cry
And make your eyes light up like the night sky
I make you smile, I don't have to try
I make you feel like you can fly

I'm always waiting for you here
I'm standing by year after year
I support you through your darkest fear
You know when you need me, I'm always near

As I watch you when you cry
Inside my heart and soul I die
"I'm okay" you say, but I know you lie
All I want to know is why

I know that I can be so much more
My eyes, my arms, my heart, like an open door
I know with me that you could soar
Because I love you down to my core

I know I can be your fire inside
You know your thoughts you'd never have to hide
I always want to be right by your side
I'd love you with all my heart until I died

But my feelings cannot be condoned
My heart, it seems, shall never be owned
To you these words can't be intoned
Because I know I've been friend zoned

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am sure we have all heard the term "Friend Zone." It is when one person loves another, but the other person only thinks of them as a friend. This poem describes the horrible way it can make someone feel, and how much it can hurt.

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true that. :( keep up the

true that. :( keep up the writing your getting to be so good!