Waiting, Hoping, Fading


Days are flying by, in the hourglass fall the grains of sand
With each moment I start to die, the silent phone resting in my hand
As I watch and wait for it to ring, my life and hope just wasting away
All I need is a text or call, just anything, I only need you to save me today

I feel frozen in place, like a prisoner in a dark cell
I need to hear you voice, see your face, only you can save me from this Hell
Like my jailer you hold the key, I want you to reach to let me know you're there
I'm begging you to set me free, I need your words like I need air

I now understand real pain, as I waste away waiting for you
I'm calling out to you in vain, I'm burning inside, it's true
My soul has already died, I feel like one of the dead
Eyes sore from the tears cried, as I lay paralyzed in this bed

Still I am waiting here, forever waiting on a call that won't come
As I am filled with fear, as I am forgotten I am becoming numb
Is there still a beating in my chest? Am I alive, or just another vampire?
I've already been laid to rest, though I'm a monster to burn in the fire

I know I am waiting to no end, each day dying a little more inside
Dying at the hands of one I called friend, any hope for us surviving has died
I know I should give up on that call, I should wave and say good-bye
But I guess I love to fall, and I'll just wait for you until I die.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a shorter poem I wrote last night as I sat out at our local park, writing by the light of the streetlamp (those can be so bright sometimes!). Does anybody else know the pains of waiting for someone you love to call or message you? This is how I feel about it, as I go through the motions of life, constantly checking for a message or call that will never come.

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Well I've never been in love,

Well I've never been in love, but I do know how it feels to wait for someone who you care for. Even when you're sure they won't come. Very well-written!

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BY FAR MY FAVORITE!!!! keep it up your definatly getting better

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Well put! Hardest thing is

Well put! Hardest thing is waiting whn you know there won't be a call

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I understand how you feel.

I understand how you feel. Waiting can feel like an eternity.

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