So many ways to describe you, yet I can't name them all
They are all working together, so it's for you I fall
Every emotion I've ever felt, you make me feel
I want you to make me complete, help me become real

You fill me with an unbelievable joy that never dies
You are so perfect, from your graceful walk to your shining eyes
Your smile captivates me, twists me in an enchanted knot
Before you, I was a carefree butterfly, but it seems now I am caught

I've never known desire, not the way you make me feel it
You fill my heart with such fire, I just can't conceal it
Your mouth shaped by perfect lips, which I'll always want to kiss
As I hold your perfect body, alive in a moment of pure bliss

Your laughter is like ringing bells, high up in the towers
Its ringing tune so soft and sweet, I could listen to it for hours
Your glittering brown eyes so deep, so wise and warm
Matched only by your precious smile, and your perfect form

You are my sun and stars, you're my whole world apart
I gaze upon you with my eyes, I love you with my heart
To me there is no better place, I always want to lay beside you
No one can make me feel so happy, I swear it's true

When you are away, the sun will never shine
How can it if you are gone, when you are mine?
At night when I close my eyes, only you can fill my dreams
I can only see your eyes, like warm sunbeams

When I think of life without you, I cringe in pain
To me that is a life with no joy, only cold and rain
I wish I could make you see, I need you in my life
I wish you could understand, the thought of losing you cuts like a knife

I love you my dear, and I can promise I always will
There will always be this place in my heart that only you can fill
I have said it before, but to close I will say it again
You should know, now and forever, I love you Megan

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I really debated putting this one up. I wrote it a while ago, and it is the only poem I have ever written where I designated who I am talking to. But, obviously, I decided to put it up. I don't think it needs much description, this poem is pretty self explanitory. The only thing I can say that this doesn't is that this poem is pretty much my heart put into words. Enjoy!

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SpecialSense's picture

Everyone's got that one poem

Everyone's got that one poem about the person they feel deply about. I've got one too, even if it isn't my usual style.

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Hey bro nice work... but not

Hey bro nice work... but not as dark as the kind you typically write. Flows great with excellent rhyme