The Betrayer

Twisted in a realm of fear
Hiding as the beast draws near
Calling through the darkness “Help!”
Hearing no reply save the echo of my yelp
When all was lost and hope was gone
I found a way-a reason-to hold on

You reached out a helping hand
And pulled me up so I could stand
I thought your kindness had no lack
I didn't see the knife you drove in my back
You were working on it from the start
Driving it towards my beating heart

I opened my soul and let you in
I hid from you nothing, not even the worst of sin
Why not? You were one I could trust
I didn't see the knife when you began to thrust
Into my body your evil knife
With the intent to end my life

I guess you were never on my side
It seems it never mattered how hard I tried
You've taught me I was wrong to trust
You went and crushed me into dust
You took my hopes and all I believed
I though you'd help, but I was deceived

Now you've left me lying on the floor
You've left me closed, hurt, and twisted to my core
Why didn't I see through your lies?
Why didn't I just open up my eyes?
But now I learn as I pay the price
You won't get to fool me twice

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is my newest poem. I wrote it after talking with several friends of mine, and learning of new twist and secrets I did not know about. Needless to say, I felt very strongly about what I learned, and this poem reflects the pain I feel, as well as the withdrawal away from the world I am now going through.

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SpecialSense's picture

Very few poems leave me with

Very few poems leave me with an actual physical feeling in my chest, but you grasped the emotions so well in this one!

TheShadowKnows's picture

I know people don't always

I know people don't always meet the expectations that we would like them too... but I don't think they meant to hurt you. After all, it was ALREADY clear to you and I both that THAT person already had issues. Live and learn but also forgive and forget. No use in breaking off ties and burning bridges just keep in mind past events when volunteering information and be ready to accept the results of your actions. Awesome poem bro! LOVE YOU :)

soulstonic's picture

Strong structure and amazing

Strong structure and amazing wording. I know what that twisting knife feels like...and I hope the wounds inflicted will heal soon. Stay strong my friend.