Standing Alone

I'm standing alone on a great battleground
I've lost all the hope and guidance I'd found
No one comes to stand beside me
My battles fought alone, only I can set me free

A lone warrior in the cold I stand
Weakened by pain, lost in this land
I've no friends beside me, none to lean on
My comrads abandon me, unity is gone

Enemies surround me in massive hordes
Brandishing knives, guns, and swords
Alone I face each battle I'll fight
And alone I will die on this terrible night

My death shall go with none to mourn
My greatest regret is just being born
Noone is here when I need them most
A life lived alone is all I can boast

I've done away with love and desire
Now filled with hate, I'll burn in the fire
In Hell far below this gloomy Earth
Only to return in a demon's birth

Alone I am surrounded by the dead
Deep in a warrior's tomb is my bed
I've sacrificed my life for the sake of them all
But in the end, they let me take the fall

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Have you ever had the feeling that you are alone in this world, and that only you are standing for yourself? Well, I feel this a lot. Many of my relations are filled with lies and betrayals I don't discover until later, so this poem illustrates the abandonment I feel when I am in a tough situation.

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This poem is AWESOME!

This poem is AWESOME!

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Amazing write up.

Amazing write up.

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EPIC poem dude! Loooove this

EPIC poem dude! Loooove this one