2nd Life


Walking down a dusty road, I met a lil man

He told my if i contuined my journey

I would meet my end

He told me when i died, to come back to him

He will give me second life

I would cheat at Death, and win

So i did continue my journey

And at the end of that road

They carried me away on a gurnnie

My spirit raced back to the old man

He smiled knowingly

He gave me second life at the touch of his hand

Many years went by

and i went back to that dusty old road

to thank the old man for my second life

Living longer was pure heaven

I met a man, married him,

and had my son, Devvon

But the old man was not there

I went further down the road

And found myself at a Mage'z lair

He welcomed me in

He wasnt too old

Just a Mage Beginner

His master left years ago i did learn

To save a young woman'z life

He would have to give up his life in return

I saw the anger in this young man's eyez

He wanted revenge, this could tell

As he led me to where the old man now lies

I wept at his grave site

And thanked him out loud

suddenly the world darkend, like the sun was blocked by a cloud

i turned to see the apprentence, his eyez glowing red

his knife slit my throat

on the old manz grave i bleed

Thankz to the old man, i did learn well

That to live twice is heaven

But to die twice iz pure hell.

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