space between

it's hailing feelings, pouring thorns

not sure i can face the storm

im running for my life

i run, hide and dive

into a space to survive

it's the space between

the safe place i can be

sometimes when i dont want to get hurt

i run here

it's where i can sing as loud as i can

and i actually sound good

it's where i can cry as long as i want

and no one really cares

neither do i

space between

i crave that space between

if i get too comfortable i may never leave

space between

stuck in this space between

going in and out

peeking through the door

i sometimes wonder if i can do this anymore

space between

im loving the space between

where love feels like myself

have no concern for someone else

space between

can i stay in this space between?

i know i know the answer

but sometimes i pretend

that i'll forever stay in the space between

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