rum & nostalgia

linger now, settling

forget i'm falling


slowly turn ( back and forth)

light to dark . guilty spark


late night talk.sleeping 


soak.feel (reality setting in

clogging present unfolding time

forgetting it was past


hot coals keep warm

(what used to be)

rusted hopes. too tired to try

nostalgic comfort


stay just awhile

while i pretend to be

other)foreign, hopes and dreams

only for now


time tries to dry my tearing eye

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9inety's picture

I read several of your poems.

Bravo!!! To see humanity to truly see, look through the eyes of a gifted poet. You are very gifted. We are made of strata like a sky turning from light to dark and shades, subtleties that we often ignore. It is hard to describe the deeper emotional feeling that your work raises in me other than to say, this poem especially, made me feel as if I would cry a little.That is a powerful tool that you have, to bring a tear to this man’s eye. Careful how you wield your power.








"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot