Breathing in the colors,

The brisk air stings my nostrils.

The ground is wet below my feet.

With each step water splashes on my shoes,

Of course my shoes has a hole in it.

I wonder off into the woods,

Trees dripping with beauty.

Droplets falling upon my head,

Caused by the subtle wind blowing them off.

The mud I walk in turns to leaves.

Yellows and browns became the background for my feet.

In a way it's sad to see trees wither away,

But it's a seasonal thing.

The walk was long and quiet.

There came a part in the pines,

Where rocks stood tall and wide;

Enough to sit on above the water's calling.

It was on a hill so I had to keep cautious of my footing.

I reach my destination:

The waterfall I traveled to see,

Flowing down so smoothly.

I think it was the prettiest all year,

Especially when it rains;

It calms my mind.

I sit, my pants very wet and soggy;

I don't care at this point,

I'm too taken by the scene.

The rock I'm on is too slippery to try and walk on,

So I sit and move myself down further.

I stay still, head resting on my knees,

Letting the water echo in my ears.

Thinking, praying, trying to use nature to cover me as a blanket.

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