+ 1ST POEMS: At The Month Of January

I once disliked the month of January:

and this I blame on my stupidity---

which I, complaisant, had allowed to mar

so many blessings that were given me.

In that month comes our Lord's Epiphany

(let doubters silence their shrill perfidy):

the miracle of Jesus' Incarnation,

announced to certain seekers by His Star;

and makes this month wholly extraordinary.

On its ninth day, Christ drew me to Salvation.

Now, decades since, this holy inspiration

must---even moreso---bring my poetry

a deeper sense of prayerful celebration

until I am launched to eternity.




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patriciajj's picture

You brought light into the

You brought light into the chasm of January with this poetic festival that celebrates everything holy about that month and its monumental significance to you. Looking forward to your unveilings of truth and devotion until, as you strikingly scribed, you are "launched to eternity." A triumphant announcement. 

Seryddwr's picture

Thank you so very much.  Your

Thank you so very much.  Your understanding has made today's difficulties much easier to bear, and I am sincerely grateful for your kind words and your mentoring.


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