RePrimed Stellarings: Inscription From An Obelisk, Some Several Million Years Old

Look closely around you:  our destiny is well known

in these windswept. arid plains littered with rubble---

our towers smashed to shards of shattered stone;

our thriving gardens now wastes of dessicate stubble.

Here was a temple to love:  on this site, where you stand,

the destroyers strutted the worst of their excesses----

once, beautiful, long-haired, barefoot boys, hand in hand,

came here after shy kisses and caresses.

Here, to our souls, was a symbol of Love held sacred---

two flowers releasing nectar, the fluid of the birth

of our culture; until the destroyers' frenzy of hatred

devestated of civilization that we once called Civil Earth.

Among us they emerged with condemnatory derision,

to fracture us into fractions, to murder us with division.



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A heart-gripping illustration

A heart-gripping illustration of humanity's timeless oppression and ignorance. Another powerful commentary that lingers in the mind long after the poem is read. Stirring and elegant work. 

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Thank you so much.  I love

Thank you so much.  I love those science fiction tales that slam you far forward, and then turn your view around to the distant past---that was the efffect I was trying for here.  Thanks for visiting!!!


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You certainly achieved that,

You certainly achieved that, and beautifully. Mesmerizing work. 

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Thank you.  Coming from you,

Thank you.  Coming from you, that totally validates the poem!


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