Procedural By Way Of Explanation

Before me, still this year, not one but two hard surgeries,

and so I strive each day to bring my posted poetry's

course to the fulness of a satisfactory completion;

as I do not know how long I have left in this condition.

I write this to explain, but not to troll for sympathy

(though that may be suggested by Betrayal's perfidy);

yes, to explain this sudden burst of prolificity.



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I'm amazed by your

I'm amazed by your ever-growing repertoire of diverse creations: some light and witty, some deep and reflective, some bringing me to tears, but each with the stamp of your own spontaneous skill. 


I want to believe your river of brilliance will continue to surge for a long time, because the world would be an empty place without it. 


God bless. 

Starward's picture

Thank you so much for that

Thank you so much for that comment.  It has made me a little too emotional to respond in a way that doesn't sound like a boo-hoo-hoo, so I will wait and respond a little later.  I am very grateful, and encouraged to continue by your salutary words.  One sentence from you deserves a thousand terabytes of thank yous.