+ 27.225 MHz 106: Neglect Of Stray Animals

Injured by our abuses, starving, dying of slow thirst,

their sad conditions proves how much our present ways have cursed

this world that God so loved; for which we are responsible,

as Genesis has taught us (the King James is clear and full).

Let us get off our lazy duffs, and while we have this hour---

and bring conclusion to their untold suffering's stark welter---

providing with sustenance, healing, comfort, and shelter.

Despite the Rightsers' and the trumpeters' loud-shrieking brass

played loudest by old fars expelled out of the equine ass,

acts of compassion will redeem our negligence and guilt,

as we offer to Christ, for these small ones, the structures we have built

that serves their needs more than a country club or hotel tower.



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The Creator and the precious

The Creator and the precious sentient beings that you defend, thank you for this reminder that true compassion extends to all living things. 

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Thank you, that means a lot.

Thank you, that means a lot.